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In Loving Memory of Michael J. Kosares: A 50-Year Legacy of Gold Advocacy

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I share that my father, Michael J. Kosares, owner and founder of USAGOLD, passed away last Thursday (September 7, 2023) after a multi-year battle with cancer.  He was 75 years old.  After fifty years of dedication and devotion to the precious metals business, my father only hung-up his hat just a few weeks ago when he was physically no longer able to work.

Despite countless professional accolades over the course of his storied career, he was never one to boast, nor one to seek out acknowledgement or praise. For him, true success came in a well written article – one he deemed ‘had what it took’ to make a lasting impact, not necessarily just for our company, but for our industry as a whole, for our colleagues, for our clients, for our subscribers and site visitors, and for really anyone and everyone who took an interest in precious metals and encountered his work.  He was an unwavering and tireless advocate for gold and silver ownership throughout his career, educating generations of investors on the merits of owning physical metals as a means to preserve and protect their wealth during turbulent economic times.  From his hardcopy newsletter, ‘News & Views’, to three editions of his educational treatise, ‘The ABC’s of Gold Investing,’ to volumes of original content delivered via our website over the past 25 years, he spent five decades on the vanguard of gold market news, analysis, and commentary.  A truly gifted writer, he made economics accessible, displaying again and again a remarkable ability to simplify even the most complex subjects for his readers.  He would take on vast and complicated financial topics, distill them down to the salient points, weave in an interesting history lesson, and top it all off with a bit of clever humor – leaving his readers not only informed and enlightened, but truly entertained.

To say he will be missed is certainly an understatement.  To answer ‘was his career a success?’, look no further than the countless individuals who know his name, have been inspired by his work and have benefitted from his wisdom.  He leaves behind an exemplary legacy, and one I am deeply honored to carry forward.

Jonathan Kosares
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