photo of gold coin pile featuring the American Gold Eagle - one troy ounce

Contemporary precious metals services.
Traditional appeal.

Are you looking for more than an e-commerce platform?

Do you feel nostalgic for a time where a more personal and practical approach to your finances was the norm?

If so, USAGOLD is the precious metals firm for you…

We offer our clientele a level of service that has become increasingly difficult to find in today’s digital investment environment:

1. Low-key, personalized approach that caters to your individual needs and goals.

2. Genuine market expertise, analysis and insight.

3. Availability – you call or e-mail, we answer.  No call centers.

4. An old-world, authentic client/representative relationship.

5. And… we do it all at the same competitive pricing we have always offered our clientele (on both the buy and sell sides of a transaction).

At the same time, we were one of the first precious metals firms to sponsor a website and we remain committed to providing our clients with the best that modern technology has to offer:

1. An online Daily Gold Market Report

2. A Daily Gold News & Opinion Blog

3. Live pricing pages and charts, and daily price histories

4. A library of standing informational pages (Please browse our menu above.)

5. An Online Order Desk that offers frequently traded gold and silver items available for purchase day or night via our secure, password-protected, live-pricing environment.

We invite you to visit and return often.  We will not bother you with pop-up windows, invitations to chat, the imposition of unwanted advertising and all the other nagging routine of most commercial websites.

If you are ready for ‘the USAGOLD Difference’ we invite you to contact us.
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