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Silver – Breaking through Key Resistance (Silver Seek)
Gold/Silver-ratio breaking out of its triangle consolidation.

China’s Gold Imports Slow as Record Prices Temper Demand (Yahoo Finace)
Overseas purchases of physical gold fell to 136 tons in April, a 30% decline from the previous month.

SIndia’s imports of silver in the first quarter exceeded the total for the whole of 2023.

Today’s top gold news and opinion


Hot commodity silver outpaces gold as buying gains momentum (Bloomberg)
“Even clients who are interested in buying gold are starting to say ‘well, maybe I’ll buy silver first, and wait for the ratio to sort of rebalance’”

Good, not great, news on inflation (FT)
China’s own gold allocation is still very low compared to other countries, and its “buying spree” suggests it may be intent on changing that.

Gold Is at Record Levels. Its Future Still Looks Bright. (Market Watch)
So why will gold keep rallying? Experts cite the combination of lower bond yields, a weaker U.S. dollar, and geopolitical concerns around the globe.

Today’s top gold news and opinion


Gold, silver and platinum’s red-hot rally still has further to go, strategists say (CNBC)
Precious metal prices got a major boost Wednesday after softer-than-expected U.S. inflation data heightened the near-term prospect of rate cuts from the Federal Reserve.

Is the “Costco Effect” the next GLD event? (LBMA)
The timing – heading into a tense US election year where people are fearful of inflation and growing economic uncertainty – is key.

Gold rally ends: How to handle gold going forward? (Julius Baer)
The narrative of central banks switching from US Treasuries to gold has been fuelling the recent gold price rally.

Daily Gold Market Report

Gold Prices Stabilize After Record Highs:
What’s Next for Investors?

(USAGOLD – 5/17/2024) Gold prices are strong in early trading and silver is close to its three-year high scored in April. Gold is trading at $2388.44, up $11.48. Silver is trading at $29.93, up 35 cents. The recent gold price rally, driven by central banks shifting from US Treasuries to gold, appears to have stalled. Despite record-breaking prices, global gold demand has remained flat over the past decade, with the rally largely fueled by increased willingness to pay and speculation. Central banks, particularly in China and Russia, have increased their gold purchases, while other gold-buying central banks have also increased their US Treasury holdings since 2022. Although gold remains a hedge against economic and systemic risks, the medium to long-term outlook suggests more downside than upside. Investors should consider gold’s role as a portfolio hedge rather than chasing price gains.

Today’s top gold news and opinion


The US dollar has become so weaponized that central banks are snapping up politically-neutral gold (Business Insider)
Central banks are favoring gold as a politically neutral, safe asset, insulated from sanctions.

Is the gold boom a sign of de-dollarisation? (Unheard)
The four countries with the highest demand were Turkey, China, India, and Kazakhstan.

US sharply raises tariffs on Chinese EVs and semiconductor imports (FT)
US will quadruple the tariff on Chinese EVs to 100 per cent this year.

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Gold ETFs Endured Further Outlows In April, World Gold Council Says (Forbes)
This was due to further heavy liquidations in Europe…

Gold Monthly: Gold breaks new highs (ING)
Gold is up 12% this year despite a stronger dollar.

Inside the 21st Century Gold Rush (MSN)
Hedge funds and other speculators have begun ramping up bullish futures and options bets.

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U.S. Election Dynamics Looking Positive for Gold (TD Securities)
Sky-High Deficits and More Adversarial U.S.-China Relations a Manna for Gold.

Central bank gold purchases were a record for the first quarter.

As gold hovers near record highs, some experts warn against going all in (Yahoo Finance)
“It does really well when completely unexpected things happen”

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Monthly Gold Compass (Incrementum)
Gold Performance in Major Currencies Averages 15.6% in 2024.

Putting gold on a blockchain (Gold Money)
This initiative is driven by environmental concerns that the mining and processing of gold bars should be ESG compliant.

China has a ‘fake gold’ problem — locals are getting scammed into buying artificial jewelry (CNBC)
“The main thing a consumer can do to protect themselves is to buy from reputable sources, whether this is online or in-store.”

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Silver Industrial Demand Rose 11% in 2023 Reaching a New Record (Silver Institute)
Silver Demand for Photovoltaics Increased 64%, Surpassing Estimates.

A dip in gold prices is a buying opportunity – UBS (Investing)
“Pullbacks are frequent and have been relatively short lived”

Silver and the coming monetary reform (Kitco)
Analysis of two similar economic cycles over the last century reveals some interesting facts about silver…

Today’s top gold news and opinion


Why gold’s “strange” rally could continue (Goldman Sachs)
Two sources of demand could drive the metal even higher.

Multi-Asset Strategies: Exploring a versatile toolkit (Mercer)
Is the 60/40 portfolio dead?

MKS’ Nicky Shiels asks if Costco gold is the market’s new ETF moment (Kitco)
“Costco has done more for sentiment and opening new channels when trust has completely broken down post-COVID.”