Today’s Silver Coin Prices

Live silver coin and bullion prices

Current silver spot price
9:08 am Thu. December 1, 2022

Volume discounts available.
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Live Spot $22.56 €21.70 £18.65 CAD 30.49 CHF 21.29
$37.84 €36.38 £31.27 CAD 51.13 CHF 35.70
$38.85 €37.36 £32.11 CAD 52.51 CHF 36.66

Maple Leaf

$31.73 €30.51 £26.22 CAD 42.87 CHF 29.93


$29.69 €28.55 £24.54 CAD 40.12 CHF 28.01

Face Value*
$23,050.87 €22,164.30 £19,050.31 CAD 31,149.83 CHF 21,746.11
$2,663.89 €2,561.43 £2,201.56 CAD 3,599.85 CHF 2,513.11

*(90% pre-1965 silver coins)

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Closing silver coin and bullion prices
Closing price = FOREX price 3pm Mountain Time
Prices at close on
November, 30 2022
Spot silver price:

US Dollars Coins Euros Pounds Canadian Dollars Swiss Francs
$22.28 Closing Silver Price €21.42
CAD 30.11 CHF 21.02
$37.36 United States Eagle €35.92 £30.88 CAD 50.49 CHF 35.25
$31.33 Canadian Maple Leaf €30.12 £25.89 CAD 42.34 CHF 29.56
CALL Austrian Philharmonic CALL CALL CALL CALL
CALL U.S. $1000 Face Value
(90% pre-1965 silver coins)
$2,630.42 100-ounce bars
(Exchange approved)
€2,529.25 £ CAD 3,554.62 CHF 2,481.53

All posted prices are indications only. Please call to confirm.

U.S. silver dollars also available.
*Closing price = Forex price 3pm Mountain Time

All prices based on the FOREX silver quotation and for orders
of one hundred ounces or more.

Market Data by TradingView Delayed data except FOREX


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