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What you need to know before you invest in gold
Initial guidelines for first-time investors from one of America’s top gold experts

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New to the idea of including gold in your investment portfolio?
If so, this is the page for you.

If you are new to the idea of gold ownership, you might be looking for a little guidance. We, at USAGOLD, have been in the gold business for a good many years, and the one thing that stands out to us in working with so many over the years is how often investors, for one reason or another, get off to a bad start.

That is why we developed a question and answer page many years ago that delves into the subject of GETTING OFF TO THE RIGHT START. We update it regularly as things can change rapidly in the gold and silver markets. The page is linked above, and we recommend that newcomers spend the few minutes it takes to get through it.…

This page receives considerably high-ranking from Google on a number of important searches, and we like to think it’s because of the cause it serves – providing some positive direction to investors trying to get off to a solid start in their pursuit of gold ownership.

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