China: A gold bullion investor’s best friend?

Barchart/Levi Donohue/6-2-2023

Ed Stein Cartoon of dragon atop gold hoard captioned Dragon's Hoard“The PBoC is moving to widen gold and silver accessibility to millions of previously untapped Chinese citizens. This fresh new gold accumulation initiative follows a very similar push undertaken 13-years ago that had incentivized the wealthier middle-class section of the population to invest in physical gold bars and coins.… The option to buy gold and silver bullion from your banking app in China is the latest Chinese government attempt to incentivize citizens to buy gold bullion.”

USAGOLD note: Donohue uncovers a little-known Chinese initiative through its banking system that could bring millions of new investors into the market. We consider China’s latest gold-friendly policy a very important development. “Western bullion investors,” says Donohue, “should brace for a demand shock in the market which will see premiums on gold bullion bars and coins rise and decouple from the paper gold price. China is betting the prospects of its own citizens on gold and as of yet very few people in the west have noticed.”

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