Why bitcoin will never eclipse gold

MoneyWeek/Merryn Somerset Webb/4-11-2023

graphic image of the master of the universe at laptop

“Imagine, says [Orbis’ Alec] Cutler, that a divine ruler had written a white paper for gold, just as the inventor of bitcoin apparently did for his new currency. Humanity will, he might have thought, need ‘a convenient and reliable vehicle for the preservation of wealth and universally trusted medium of exchange, for both government-issued and peer-to- peer transactions’, one that ‘will maintain its value for all eternity.'”

graphic image of a book and reading glasses A Good Weekend ReadUSAGOLD note: A thoughtful and thought-provoking comparison between bitcoin and gold. In Somerset-Webb’s mind, “Gold has been used as a medium of exchange for millennia – and it works just as said divine being might have wished it would.”

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