‘The Fed is broke – Gundlach likes gold, fears ‘expanding wars’ most

Zero Hedge/Tyler Durden/3-18-2023

graphic illustration promoting QE FOREVER with fireworks“Gundlach called Silicon Valley Bank’s failure ‘a rate policy collision with stupid accounting rules”‘for banks, but warned of The Fed’s reaction was inflationary and antithetical to their inflation-fighting stance. ‘By bailing out depositors at SVB, that’s essentially a quantitative easing by the Fed, he said. ‘Making those depositors whole is about the same as a month or two of reversing quantitative tightening.'”

USAGOLD note: This article will bring you up to date on Gundlach’s thinking…… “I think gold is a good long-term hold,” he concluded in the same CNBC interview. “Gold and other real assets with true value, such as land and collectibles.”

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