Ruchir Sharma’s investor guide to 2023

Financial Times/Ruchir Sharma/1-7-2023

photograph of many $100,000 stacks of $100 bills‘The dollar is overvalued by about 25 per cent, and that kind of overvaluation foretells decline. The dollar started falling in October, turning at almost exactly the same point — 20 per cent above its long-term trend — that has on average signalled multiyear falls in the past. This year the economy is expected to grow more slowly and interest rates are set to rise less in the US than in other major nations. These signals point to a further fall for the dollar and less global purchasing power for Americans, more for everyone else.”

USAGOLD note: We think you will find this down-to earth foray into the future an entertaining and thought-provoking read……He offers ten focal points to monitor starting with the dollar’s peak and ending with a discussion about the possbility of” bluebirds” in 2023, i.e., the opposite of black swans. Sharma is the chair of Rockefeller International.

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