Daily Gold Market Report

China’s Golden Refuge:
Households Turn to Precious Metal Amid Property and Stock Market Woes

(USAGOLD – 2/06/2024) Gold prices are holding steady in early trading on Tuesday, with no significant new developments to influence daily price movements. Gold is trading at $2028.51, up $3.40. Silver is trading at $22.32, down 4 cents. In the face of a declining residential property market and failing developers like Evergrande, Chinese households are turning to gold as a safer investment option, marking a significant shift in their saving and investment strategies. The property bust and falling stock prices, exemplified by the Shanghai CSI 300 index’s near five-year lows (down 30% YTD), have eroded confidence in traditional investment avenues. With low yields on deposits and government bonds, gold has emerged as an attractive alternative. The increase in savings among Chinese households, now preferring to save rather than invest, has led to a surge in gold purchases, including jewellery, bars, and ETFs. This trend is bolstered by the People’s Bank of China’s steady gold buying, weak local asset markets, and a global political climate fostering uncertainty. Despite China being the world’s largest producer and consumer of gold, the persistent premium of Shanghai gold prices over international benchmarks and a spike in gold imports highlight a growing demand and a potential shift towards gold as a protective investment against asset deflation and economic instability in China.


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