Russia to suspend participation in nuclear arms treaty with US

Financial Times/Max Seldon, Anastasia Stognei, Henry Foy and Felicia Schwartz/2-21-2023

photo of Biden-Putin discussions Geneva 2021

“Vladimir Putin has said Russia will suspend its last remaining nuclear weapons treaty with the US, a move western officials said spelt the end of the post-cold war arms control regime.”

USAGOLD note: Normally, we try to stay away from politics on these pages – even the international variety. At the same time, we recognize that politics can play a crucial role in the direction of markets, the impact of the war in Ukraine being a case in point. We post this article for the insights it provides on Vladimir Putin’s thought processes. A comment from Tatiana Stanovaya, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, gave pause. “Putin,” she says, “really thinks Russia is at war with the west and the US, and Ukraine is just one episode in this confrontation.”

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