In gold we trust

Incrementum/Ronald Peter Stoeferle and Mark J. Valek/May 2020

photo of uneven stack of gold bars“These developments have in some cases already built up over years and decades, but in the current crisis the situation is becoming exorbitantly worse. As unpleasant as the dynamics in general are, the conditions for gold could not be better, given massively overindebted economies, which as a last resort use the devaluation of their currencies to finance their deficits. For these and a number of other reasons, we take a broad view and foresee ‘The Dawning of a Golden Decade.'”

USAGOLD note:  Stoeferle and Valek make the case for gold in this 93-page summary of the full version. This report is greatly anticipated annually for its depth and perceptions. “The question is not whether the gold price will reach new all-time highs,” it advises, “but how high these will be. We are convinced that gold will prove to be a profitable investment over the course of this decade and will provide stability and security in any portfolio. … By a conservative calibration, our proprietary valuation model shows a gold price of USD 4,800 at the end of this decade.  If money supply growth develops in a similar inflationary manner to that of the 1970s, a gold price around USD 8,900 is realistic by 2030.” This comprehensive and fascinating report is worth the time spent on it: Available at the link above.

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