There is no safe asset anymore

Interview of Marc Faber/Bloomberg/9-2-15

MK note:  This interview is for those who like their analysis reduced to the nitty gritty – unpleasant as it might be to Bloomberg’s pundits.  One of the interviewers cannot seem to get it into his head that it isn’t always about how much money an investor intends to make, but more about how he or she might protect wealth already attained.

“The printing of money has a very limited impact on creating wealth.” – Marc Faber

Simply put.  Easily understood. And what money printing giveth, it can quickly taketh away.  By the way, mining stocks, yes, but not before a strong position in gold and silver coins and bullion has already been safely tucked away.  Mining stocks are not a store of value.  They are stocks first, gold second.

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