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Today's Silver Coin Prices

Closing and live silver coin and bullion prices

All posted prices are indications only. Please call to confirm.

Prices at close on
February 12, 2016

Spot gold price:
$ 1,237.88

Spot silver price:
$ 15.75

use phil phil pre-1965 coins small morgan bar
U.S. Eagle
Maple Leaf
Austrian Philharmonic Pre-1965
Silver Coins
Morgan Dollar 100
Ounce Bar

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Closing silver coin and bullion prices
$19.30 € 17.15 £ 13.31 CAD 26.75 CHF 18.87
$18.75 € 16.66 £ 12.93 CAD 25.99 CHF 18.33
U.S. $1000 Face Value
(90% pre-1965 silver coins)
100-ounce bars
(Exchange approved)
€ 1,518.46 £ 1,178.29 CAD 2,368.83 CHF 1,670.94
U.S. Morgan Dollar
(Brilliant Uncirculated)
€ 39.39 £ 30.56 CAD 61.44 CHF 43.34
U.S. Peace Dollar
(Brilliant Uncirculated)
€ 25.94 £ 20.13 CAD 40.46 CHF 28.54

We encourage you to compare our prices to those of firms
with high profile national media campaigns.

U.S. silver dollars also available in circulated grades.

Volume discounts available. Please call.

*Closing price = Forex price 3pm Mountain Time

Live silver coin and bullion prices
11:51 am Sun. February 14, 2016
Current silver spot price
$19.32 American Eagle
€17.17 £13.32 CAD 26.78 CHF 18.89
Canadian Maple Leaf
€16.68 £12.94 CAD 26.02 CHF 18.35
Austrian Philharmonic
U.S. $1000 Face Value
(90% pre-1965 silver coins)
100-ounce bars
(Exchange approved)
€1,520.48 £1,179.86 CAD 2,371.99 CHF 1,673.17
U.S. Morgan Dollar
€39.39 £30.56 CAD 61.44 CHF 43.34
U.S. Peace Dollar
€25.94 £20.13 CAD 40.46 CHF 28.54

All prices based on the FOREX silver quotation
and for orders of one hundred ounces or more.

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