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Live London Gold News Wire
10 to 15 minutes old --LIVE NEWS--
Goldcorp hacked, second Canadian gold miner since last year17:15
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30 minutes to 1 hour old --LIVE NEWS--
Gold price hits Rs 30,000 in Delhi16:50
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Watch The Bouncing VIX As Gold And Silver Fly High16:33
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Dollar Slides, Gold at 15-mo. High16:05
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Gold rises up 1.9 percent to close week, month16:04
Xinhua Online - Business
BitGold enjoying rapid growth as users put gold to work in unlikely ways15:46
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Did Shanghai Just Blow A Hole In The Old Gold Market?15:44
CANADA STOCKS-TSX hits six-month high led by gold miners15:43
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CANADA STOCKS-TSX hits six-month high led by gold miners15:42 - Regulatory News
Gold Stocks: Extended But Still Have More Upside Potential15:34
2 to 4 hours old --LIVE NEWS--
Gold Stocks: Extended but More Upside Potential15:04
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RBC wants over $7 million for job that didn’t do: Crew Gold14:44
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Gold price in India hits two-year high on global cues14:44
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Gold Prices Will Receive a Boost in 2016 from This International Event14:37
Money Morning
CANADA STOCKS-TSX rises to a 6-month high, led by gold miners14:34
Kitco - News Bites
CANADA STOCKS-TSX rises to a 6-month high, led by gold miners14:23
Reuters - Company News
Gold Seeker Weekly Wrap-Up: Gold and Silver Gain About 5% on the Week14:22
CANADA STOCKS-TSX rises to a 6-month high, led by gold miners14:21 - Regulatory News
A Few Facts About Gold That Nay-Sayers Conveniently Ignore14:13
Stock-Drop-alypse Wow - Gold Soars As Kamikaze Kuroda Strikes Again14:11
Zero Hedge
CFTC: Speculators Less Bearish on EUR, GBP; More Bullish on AUD, CAD, Gold, Silver14:07 - Forex
Gold futures gain 4.4% for the month13:54
Kitco - News Bites
June gold settles at $1,290.50/oz, up $24.10, or 1.9%13:54
Kitco - News Bites
Silver jumps 15% for the month as gold logs highest settlement in over a year13:54
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Direxion Shares Exchange Traded Fund Trust Up 300% This Year As Gold Soars13:51
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Temples have given 1,512 kg under gold scheme: Sinha13:45
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PRECIOUS-Gold, silver hit 15-month highs as dollar slides13:44
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Commodities Corner: 4 reasons why silver outshone gold in April rally13:44
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Metals Stocks: Gold rallies to 15-month high, up over 4% in April13:44
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COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - April 29, 201613:41
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RBC wants over $7 million for job that didn’t do: Crew Gold13:33
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Did Shanghai Just Blow a Hole in the Old Gold Market?13:32
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Gold Stocks: Extended but More Upside Potential13:32
The Market Oracle - The Market Oracle
CAG report says regulations do not impact gold trade13:31
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The 2 Best Calls Ever On A Gold Bottom13:10 - Commodities
Gold ETFs Jump to 15-Month High as Dollar Retreats13:06
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Gold monetisation scheme mobilises over 1.5 tonnes13:01
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Political & Economic Craziness Gives Gold Best Year Since 201013:01
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Gold Coast eyes Brooklyn branch12:59
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4 reasons why silver outshone gold in April rally12:51
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Gold Stocks: Extended but More Upside Potential12:51
Did Shanghai just blow a hole in the old gold market?12:41
Weekly Round-Up: Gold, Silver, Copper Gain on Weaker US Dollar12:33
Kitco - News Bites
OK, Globe and Mail, why do central banks intervene in gold instead of beaver pelts?12:31
Gold ETFs Jump to 15-Month High as Dollar Retreats12:28
ETF Trends
TSXV Biggest Percentage Gainers Mid-Afternoon: Golden Share Mining, AM Gold, Solidusgold12:26
Nasdaq - Global Markets
Traders increase bullish bets on gold, silver & oil12:20
The Business Standard
Gold Surging Toward USD1300, Highest In More Than A Year12:13
Kitco - News Bites

Gold and Silver Surge to 15-Month Highs

by Peter A. Grant

April 29, AM
(from --

Gold has surged to new 15-month highs, buoyed by a weaker dollar. The yellow metal has pressured $1300, while silver has flirted with $18.

Gold appears poised to end the month up nearly 5%, putting it up more than 21% year-to-date. These gains go a long way toward confirming the 1046.00 bottom from back in December and the current bull market. Meanwhile, silver is up about 15% in April and 28% YTD.

Dollar losses are being driven largely by strength in the yen, which set 18-month highs today, driven by the BoJ's decision yesterday to not offer additional accommodations at this point. The dollar index has fallen to 8-month lows and has moved within striking distance of key support marked by the low from last August at 92.62. Below this level, there is little in the way of support until the 90 area.

Gains in the yen have got to distress BoJ Governor Kuroda and Prime Minister Abe to no-end, as it puts further weight on their already moribund economy. And yet, Kuroda can't be surprised about these moves in the FX market in light of the decision to hold. Sort of makes me think there is a shoe yet to drop . . .

The Economist ponders whether the BoJ will be the first central bank to deploy helicopter money. Well, they were the first to go into the rabbit-hole of über-accommodative monetary policy more than 20-years ago and have consistently been the first-mover in pushes deeper down that hole.
However, Kuroda-san said yesterday that helicopter money is not permissible under the current legal system. I'm speculating here, but I imagine the BoJ decision to hold has much to do about the declining efficacy of current policy, as well as the buying of time so that Abe-san can build support in the Diet for a change in the current legal system to allow for air-drops of yen.

You may recall that in the months leading up to the ECB's launch of QE there was much debate about the legality of such a program. Where there's a will, there's a way . . .

I would not be surprised in the least if helicopter money is seen in Japan. I then would be surprised if Japan where the only country to deploy such a program.

This would accelerate the debasement of fiat currency like nothing we have seen thus far. Gimme shelter. Gimme gold.

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