The Power of Gold Diversification
“Although it is needed in good times, it can be vital when times are difficult.”

photo of Sir Peter Tapsell speaking before Parliament

This short article begins with reference to a speech by Sir Peter Tapsell on the merits of gold ownership before the House of Commons in 1999. The occasion was Britain’s proposed sale of over half of its gold reserves at under $300 per ounce. It ends by comparing the performance of two investment portfolios from the time of that speech to present. One portfolio – the more successful of the two – included a diversification with gold; the other did not. Sir Tapsell, who passed away in 2018, lived to see his defense of gold vindicated. Though his argument before the House of Commons failed to stop the sales, it goes down as one of the most eloquent appeals ever made on the merits of gold ownership for nation-states and individuals alike.


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