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Client Testimonials

Over the years we have received numerous testimonials from satisfied clients with respect to both the services of the firm and the quality of this website. The following is just a handful among our many letters of approval:

"The broker for my IRA recently folded their tent and departed. Alarmed, I contacted USAGOLD with whom I had found great satisfaction over the past several decades in various metal sales and purchases. Their staff assumed the brokerage for the IRA account, made sound suggestions for restructuring its investments and have given me great peace of mind." - H. E. A, M.D. Meridian, Idaho __________

"I want to thank you and everyone else in your company for outstanding customer service. It is a pleasure doing business with you." - P.F., Eugene, Oregon __________

"Thank you! It has been a pleasure doing business with your Company! You've treated the small investor (me) just like you would a millionaire. Best wishes, and I hope I can make some purchases in the future." - L.W., Savannah, Georgia

A featured Better Business Bureau review

When I first became interested in purchasing gold, I merely followed the advertising recommendation of a conservative national personality. This experience was not favorable, as the recommended firm seemed to be just another high pressure marketing boiler room, only interested in making a sale at the highest possible commission. Of course I was disenchanted, and thus lumped (unfairly) all gold brokers into the same category.

A few years later, my interest in purchasing gold overcame my earlier experience and I began seeking a trustworthy firm. As I researched various options, USAGOLD caught my attention. After a few weeks of following their website presence (the Live Daily Newsletter and their weekly video), I began a telephonic dialog with Jonathan Kosares. Recognizing that I was a novice, Jonathan patiently provided general precious metals background and technical information, while also directing me to various educational resources.

Since I sought a long term relationship with a stable firm, and because of my earlier experience purchasing gold, my next step was to schedule a personal visit to USAGOLD's offices in Denver. The meeting at USAGOLD was quite comforting and further instilled a deep sense of trust. I met the USAGOLD staff, and of course both Jonathan and Peter Grant. All that I encountered underscored and reinforced USAGOLD's unique history and competency with regard to gold and precious metals.

Over the next few months, I engaged in several significant transactions, and all aspects of those transactions could not have been better. I could not have been more pleased with the specific recommendations and pricing, strategies related to IRA/HSA alternatives, balancing exposures to both gold and silver, and the execution of shipping and delivery.

I intend to be a lifelong customer, and to this day Jonathan is always available to share his knowledge of precious metals and his perspective on the markets. If you are looking for personal attention from a trustworthy firm that has decades of impeccable history along with a focused depth of expertise, you have found it in USAGOLD.


More BBB reviews

The way things worked out, the timing of my purchase from you was perfect for me to take advantage of yesterday's (and the previous two weeks') nice move up. I'm already up 9.6% on the value of the silver and gold Canadian Maple Leafs I bought from you. Not a bad way to start to the year.

I am so happy that I found USAGold and decided to transact my IRA business with you. In the financial services businesses, it is a little unusual, unfortunately, to find ethical and proactive service providers. Just look at my adventures with [reference witheld]. There are so many hucksters out there, or if they're honest, often they don't provide prompt, smart service. With USAGold, I have found the best of both qualities – honesty with superb service. And you in particular have been ideal in the way you handled my difficulties. You gave me excellent advice.

"No pressure - great to deal with
Reviewed by Christian | May 07, 2015

These guys are highly experienced and willing to take all the time necessary to share their knowledge with prospective investors. Throughout the process, I never felt any pressure to buy, nor was I 'steered' in any particular direction. Instead, they took the time to understand what I was looking for and discuss pros and cons of various options over several phone calls and probably an hour or two of their time. Prices are reasonable, not the absolute cheapest, but very reasonable - like within 1% or less of the absolute cheapest advertised out there. Integrity, willingness to educate, and trustworthiness are worth a couple of extra bucks, for sure!"

Customer's Experience
Did You Receive What You Ordered? Yes
Would You Purchase From This Dealer Again? Yes
Overall rating 5.0
Shipping Time 5.0
Customer Service 5.0
Buying Experience 5.0

"USAGOLD: One of the best places to get updates on your favorite precious metal." - Jared Cummins, CommodityHQ, in rating USAGOLD #9 in its Top 100 Gold Blogs

"I was very pleased with the professionalism USAGOLD gave me when I placed my order since it was a substantial one. I had a certain anxiety about the transaction but I'm happy to say things went very smoothly. You even went out of your way to take care of some rather unusual circumstances and I was most appreciative." - S.A., Minneapolis, MN

"I received my first-ever purchase of gold from USAGOLD on Friday. You know, it's a really weird experience buying gold for the first time. I found your website after following a rabbit hole of articles, essays and other commentary about the world's current economic affairs. Needless to say, it wasn't a hard sell—I just needed some guidance and (and perspective). Nevertheless, calling some guy out in Denver to talk about several grand worth of shiny gold coins is a little nerve racking. Am I doing the right thing? Am I asking the right questions? Will I get my coins or get taken? Well, I'm convinced now more than ever I made the right decision. You answered all of my questions with grace and patience. And you helped me ultimately decide what to get. After a simple wire transfer at my bank, and a confirmation from your shipping department, my shipment arrived ahead of schedule. Just as I had hoped, a discrete package arrived with sovereigns and francs neatly packaged with a receipt. It really worked. - AT, New York, NY

"It's a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for making it enjoyable dealing with a precious metals firm, as opposed to every other dealer I have talked to. I'll be ordering more $20 Liberties in the next few months and won't even bother to annoy myself by checking the other 'big name' dealers first. Sure do appreciate your newsletter and look forward to receiving it each month." - L.E. , Kansas City, MO

"I received the gold today and all is in order. As this was my first gold order from USAGOLD, I would like to thank you and your company's president Michael Kosares for the courteous, efficient and professional way in which it was handled." - M.K., Dublin, Ireland

"(USAGOLD) operates with such a high degree of integrity that I would never even consider doing business anywhere else." - J.C., Bloomington, MN

"Your site about gold is the best I have ever seen. Keep up the good work! Thanks!" - M.B., Zurich, Switzerland

"Investing your money requires knowledgeable, professional experts. USAGOLD provided this and more. All our questions were answered...." - C.R., Shawnee, KS

"USAGOLD is my most visited website and has been for the past few years. I don't believe I have ever seen such a website with so many brilliant thinkers all in the same place. Its awesome!" - poster "Rock"

"We also wish to remind our readers of two additional sources, and resources, for building an understanding of the importance of precious metals investment markets: www.usagold.com which includes Mr. Michael Kosares' monthly newsletter, News & Views, which he still offers generously, virtually priceless, yet free. Mr. Kosares is one of the excellent and dedicated sources for those considering investments in physical gold and/or silver coins and bullion." - D.B.M.

"Enclosed is my check for the order of French Roosters. I am glad that USAGOLD is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Since I've never invested in gold, nor with companies that I'm unfamiliar with, I had some hesitations about 'pay now, get your product later.' A quick check with the Better Business Bureau helped to put my fears to rest." - D.H., Denver, CO

"...I was apprehensive about placing an order for gold coins to someone far away and unknown--but my fears proved groundless. The money was wired to USAGOLD and presto!..." - Mr. E.H., Harrison, AR

"...Clearly, though, the best reason that we can offer to continue to acquire precious metals from USAGOLD is one of price..." - Mr. & Mrs. S.S., Littleton, CO

"...As we had not invested in gold before, we had a lot of questions in relation to the transaction. We were pleasantly surprised, we talked to you personally numerous times and we received accurate, informative answers before, during, and after our purchases." - Mr. & Mrs. K.P.M., Phoenix, AZ

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