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Back to Basics Again!
by Professor von Braun

May 26th, 2008

Is there such a thing as a code of society? How does a society value values? What happens when no value is placed on values? Is it a bit like a quality product? Does the quality of a society reflect the quality of their values?

And if there are no values, what happens then? Does society break down?

Quality and integrity go together, so what happens when both integrity and quality decline. What is left? What happens when consumption exceeds production? Normally one would answer famine, shortages, rising prices, riots, a redistribution of wealth and a decay in values as each tries to support his own situation. That's what's happening now!

People today are not taught to be productive, nor do they understand and appreciate a quality product -- which may well be why Wal-Mart and McDonalds are so successful. Instead, people are taught to consume, to obtain "things" that are not supportive of productivity, but instead support and maintain the habit of consumption.

At the core of the issue of over consumption is the banking system and the fact that it contributes no real value to society; rather the banking system as it is today needs and encourages consumption to produce "profits" -- by putting people in debt.

It's the beggar-thy-neighbor approach, coupled with the often promoted idea that the banking system is in control. But where is the value? Great societies are built upon honest money and the underlying absence of greed, coupled with a balance between productivity and consumption.

To talk about people being hard working and prudent with their earnings seems to be a thing of the past. We are exhorted to consume, to buy more, eat more, watch more TV, to be anything but productive. But where is the value in that?

This collection of consumers that passes for a society is a sorry mass that has lost its way. The presence of quality has been trampled over and replaced by the bankers ongoing, seemingly never ending need for the ever-expansion of debt, in part because the banking industry, as it is currently structured, can not settle their transactions.

An essential aspect of a quality society is the ability of its members to settle their transactions and pay their bills when and as needed. To do this, honest and impartial money is required, which we do not have. Now this is not entirely true, as honest money is present but it is not recognized by the majority for what it is, nor is it favored or promoted within the current banking system.

So how long can the game of consumption go on? Are we seeing the first serious signs of decay with rising commodity prices beginning to eat into the average consumers ability to consume and repay, coupled with diminishing productivity.

Could it not be that falling house prices and rising commodity prices are connected? The fraudulent money has to go somewhere and it is not going into real estate, not any more.

What does that mean? Is there a shift taking place into productive assets, away from unproductive ones? Could there be a scramble for ownership of the basic necessities of life taking place now that the pseudo "ownership" of the contaminated campsites is out of favor?

We hear the word "resources" bandied about on the money stations, but do people understand what resources actually are?  Resources are a form of unused energy, something that should be used wisely to support the ongoing endeavors of productive people. They are not something that should be used to promote and publicize the one-way street called consumption.

The banking system is, essentially in the business of stealing resources from both their customers and their clients, predominately to maintain the life styles of the bankers themselves who are of course the least productive people on the planet.

Unfortunately society as a whole has imitated them, buying into the idea of wealth being created by the debasement of honest money, via its replacement with paper promises that can never be honored and commitments made that can never be met.

Consumption is the foundation upon which the fiat banking system is built and this involves credit expansion, which requires people to service the debts, slaves to till the banker's fields, while the bankers enjoy the fruits of these labors.

But who settles the banker's liabilities when things go wrong? Currently it's the Central Bankers who have taken on this role. But how long can they keep up this unnatural activity? How long can they continue to create "debt" when there is no recognizable means of repayment? You can only shear a dead sheep once!

The bankers have been feeding their servants with toxic waste and now they wonder why they are sick. The Central Bankers are now feeding these bankers with the same toxic waste expecting them to recover from the effects of their redistribution of their own toxic waste to the unproductive consumers, the very same consumers that, along with the bankers, ate the fruits of 200 years of productivity, which the Central Bankers allowed to happen.

The acceleration of this nefarious activity began the day President Nixon closed the gold window on August 15, 1971 and has multiplied to the degree that it is now no longer viable as an ongoing activity.

It's not that the value of productive assets is going up, rather it's the recognition that the paper currency is worth less, less than the actual value of the productive assets, especially now that unproductive assets are being repriced by the marketplace to reflect their unproductive qualities.

How long can the Central Bankers continue to hold hands while their respective economies deflate? Have they not recognized that their respective balloons are all leaking the same necessary substance that keeps them afloat?

Will they finally wake up to the fact that bigger is not better? What is that foul odor that permeates the corridors of the headquarters of these practitioners of monetary imprisonment? Where will they find new consumers, ones who have some ability to take on liabilities by way of new debts, new mortgages, new credit cards and new student loans? Where is the capital required to continue this credit/debit game?

How long can the fiat monetary system avoid the inherent issue of settlement by replacing its member's debt with its own worthless debt? Debt which can never be redeemed?

One thing is for sure and that is that we all are about to find out what happens when a non-redeemable currency meets a real demand for redeemability.

The Prof can be contacted by email at

Copyright by Professor von Braun. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted at USAGOLD by permission.

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