The Precious Metals Safe Storage Advantage
The preferred alternative to gold and silver ETFs

graphic image of gold and silver stored in vault

It only takes a few minutes to complete a Precious Metals Safe Storage account opening form, but it could mean all the difference for the investor seeking a superior alternative to gold and silver ETFs. We use the word “superior” because depository storage accounts come with an option not readily available in most ETF accounts – You can take delivery of the metal in your account, or any portion of it, whenever you wish.  And you can include gold bullion coins, historic fractional gold coins, U.S. $20 gold pieces, silver bullion coins, bars – in other words, the range of gold and silver investment products available at USAGOLD.

At the same time, given the exclusive preferred referral storage rate you receive by opening your storage account through USAGOLD, the annual cost to maintain your holdings is comparable (and often lower) to what most ETF vendors charge in annual fees. All the while, your metal is stored safely and fully insured in an allocated account at one of America’s oldest, largest and highly respected independent depositories – a firm with which we personally have done business for decades.  To get started, we invite you to go to the link immediately below and fill out the application.

This approach is especially well suited for those who want to take a strong position in silver and avoid the logistics and storage problems that often accompany it.

Account Form – Precious Metals Storage Account


Interested in the safety of physical metal with the convenience of an ETF?


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