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Gold’s secular bull market: 2003-2022
‘Each price correction and consolidation period has been a buying opportunity’

“The last government to doubt gold’s value got burned,” says veteran commodity analyst Andrew Hect in a report posted at Seeking Alpha. “At the turn of this century, the United Kingdom decided to part with one-half of its gold reserves. Ironically, London is the hub of the international gold market, so the UK sent a signal that gold had seen better days. In a series of auctions, the UK sold around 300 metric tons at prices mainly below the $300 per ounce level. Since 2003, gold never traded below $300 per ounce. Since 2010, the price has not ventured below $1,000, and since 2020, the price has remained above $1450 per ounce. … In 1999, gold reached a bottom at $252.50 per ounce. Since then, each price correction and consolidation period has been a buying opportunity in gold. The over two-decade-long bullish trend continues to take gold to higher highs.”

Gold price
(Weekly prices, 2000-2022)
line chart showing the gold price 2000 through July 23 2022
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