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The contemporary, web-based version of our client letter traces its beginnings to the early 1990s as a hard-copy newsletter mailed to our clientele. Its principal objectives have always been the same – to keep our clients informed on important developments in the gold market, condense the available gold-based news and opinion into a brief, readable digest, and to counter the traditional anti-gold bias in the mainstream media. That formula has won it a five-figure subscription base. In addition to our regular newsletters, we occasionally publish in-depth special reports that focus on events and developments of interest to gold owners. Valued for their insight, accuracy and reliability, our publications are linked and reprinted by a large number of websites both in the United States and around the globe.


Summer doldrums turned upside down NEW!
Gold breaks to the upside  NEW!
The Exter Inverted Pyramid of Global Liquidity  NEW!

The inverted yield curve as a harbinger of higher gold prices 
Gold in the age of high-speed eclectronic trading
The $12 trillion federal debt bombshell
Will 2019 be the year of the big breakout for gold?
Where are we now in the investor cycle?

Divergent paths among major gold producers tell an important tale
Historic world gold coins – Untouched opportunity (SPECIAL REPORT)
A surprise jump in investor and central bank gold demand 
Nobel laureate says current stock market echoes 1929
U.S. Dollar and Gold: Is This Time Different?
Get the jump on inflation with graded, historic $20 gold pieces
Reflections in a golden eye-Summer 2018
The new petroyuan and gold
‘Mphm!’–A little disdain can help you cope with the times
The case for gold in the era of financial virtual reality
The anatomy of volatility and what it means for gold
Gold takes centerstage in dollar scare
The Gold Owners’ Guide to 2018
The gift of gold – A simple thought for the holiday season
Gold is up this year not just in dollars but in every major currency
Blinded by the money illusion
The story behind continuing strong bullion coin demand
An historic tale of gold’s historic undervaluation – oil & gold
Short & Sweet – Some things you might have missed (2017 gold market overview)
Will banks’ excess reserves fuel a new monetary crisis?
Gold in the attic – Retrospective
The gold owner’s guide to 2017
Reflections on the election
Trump, Reagan economies at polar opposites (Special Report)
The Great Silver Rush of 2016
When markets go bump in the night
Gold’s strong summer may be harbinger of things to come
How would you invest money you didn’t need for ten years?
Shanghai settles 96% of gold trades in physical metal
Global mints report record silver coin sales for 2015
Buy in May and go away
Big banks, hedge funds key factors in 2016 gold surge
Gold at the zero-bound
Gold a safe harbor on an ocean of excess reserves
Keynes on the menace of printing money
Reflections in a golden eye – Confluence of events drives renewed investor interest
The gold investment demand juggernaut – Public buys dips, saves gold for rainy day
Gold ownership as a lifestyle decision – “It shone with the placid certainty of received tradition.”
Reflections in a golden eye – Rejection, repatriation and redemption in the gold market
Will the Shanghai “Fix” fix the gold market
Why China thinks gold is the buy of the century
The reinvention of Alan Greenspan
Gold capitulation? Not likely. . .
China’s gold coup d’etat: What it means for gold owners
Golden gut check 2013
Banquet of consequences” deficits, gold matter
“Mphm!” Why great men and women own gold
A layman’s guide to the rules & laws of finance & investment
Wealth won, wealth lost – What’s your real rate of return
Print those blues away – Why gold is under accumulation globally
Saving Gold – Old reliable stands tall in crisis atmosphere
Queen Elizabeth checks out Bank of England’s gold room
Gallup Poll – Gold still top pick among American Investors
The most important gold market event since 1999
Extraordinary delusions or the madness of machines

Surging central bank gold demand adds new dimension to bull market
Special Report – Caveat lector (Let the reader beware)
How gold became politically correct

Dragon’s Hoard – In one fell swoop China profoundly alters gold market synergy

Editor:  Michael J. Kosares, founder of USAGOLD and author of The ABCs of Gold Investing – How To Protect and Build Your Wealth With Gold

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