Historic U.S. $20 Gold Pieces
A solid hedge and  potential profit-maker under a variety of economic scenarios

Image of group of $20 St. Gaudens gold coins in PCGS holders, grades MS 63, MS 64, MS 65

Here at USAGOLD, we see 19th and 20th century-minted U.S. $20 gold pieces as a “diversification within a diversification” – something to augment the overall gold portfolio and provide an investor the opportunity for premium gains above and beyond what an ordinary investment in gold bullion coins might provide.  This sector offers the potential for strong investment performance under a variety of economic scenarios. As shown in the chart below, it performed extraordinarily well during our last close encounter with runaway inflation in the 1970s (#1 and #2). It performed equally as well during the 1980s stock bull market (#3) based purely on a wave of speculative demand detached from any negative economic scenario. Last, it performed well during the disinflationary 2008 financial breakdown (#4).

line chart showing the premium history on $20 St. Gaudens graded set 2007 to present
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Adding to the appeal at this point in time, these items can be purchased at rock-bottom premiums well below their historic average. In the past, premiums have pushed the value to two and sometimes even three times or more their gold content. At present, the premium on the five-coin set pictured above is hovering near all-time lows. (See chart below)  On some individual items, the gold value is as high as 70% to 80% of the selling price. As a result, these items will rise or fall with the gold price (although not in direct sync), but can also increase in value if premiums are pushed higher by an influx of new investors – a low-risk, double-play profit potential.

Given the versatility of U.S. $20 gold pieces as a hedge and potential profit-maker, we believe that patient precious metals investor could be well-served by a commitment to this sector of the gold market.  Any sudden influx of capital into this relatively thin market area could send prices higher in rapid fashion. The confluence of positive factors outlined above is unique to the present and there is no guarantee that it will remain in place for long.

line chart showing price history of $20 Liberty five coin set 2000 to present

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