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Interested in owning gold but struggling to find the right firm?
Are you worried that you’ll be persuaded to purchase overpriced products you don’t understand, or worse yet, be sold a counterfeit?

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Are you concerned that once you contact a company, they will call you relentlessly or deploy other high-pressure sales tactics?

If so, then we invite you to take a closer look at USAGOLD……Over the course of our nearly 50 years in operation, we have remained steadfast in our goal of establishing long-term relationships with our clients built on a foundation of trust and confidence, sustained by our commitment to transparency, consistency and reliability. These are the characteristics our clients find attractive in our firm:

1. We are a family-owned and operated firm focused on a client, not customer, approach to precious metals ownership

2. We have zero complaints at the Better Business Bureau and an A+, unanimous Five-Star rating that we have maintained over a nearly 30-year period.

3. We have never failed to make delivery on an order in a timely fashion.

4. Our gold and silver coins and bullion are sourced from market-makers with whom we have done business for decades. We have never had an item returned as inauthentic.

5. We consistently offer competitive pricing on our complete line of coin and bullion products on both the buy and sell sides of transactions.

6. We handle seven-figure placements, but simultaneously do not have a minimum, leaving us uniquely positioned to provide an equal level of service to all clients regardless of their investment size, to facilitate varying accumulation strategies spread across months or even years, or to accommodate those looking to simply ‘test the waters’.

7. We are neither a coin shop nor a boiler room. We are not forced to sell you ‘what’s in the case’, nor do we make outbound calls or repeatedly solicit your business. We are a boutique client-service firm that respects your privacy, seeks to educate and arm you with the information you need to make your own best decisions. At the same time, while maintaining consistent availability on a diverse range of products, we offer ongoing insight, expertise, and analysis on the precious metals markets and the economy as a whole.

For nearly 50 years we have resolutely advocated owning gold for asset preservation purposes. Admittedly, this philosophy does not resonate with all prospective gold owners, but if it does with you, we think you will find our firm a kindred spirit. We have clients who have been with the firm for decades and some who have been with us since the 1970s.

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