Why we shouldn’t underestimate China’s petro-yuan ambitions

OilPrice.com/Alex Kimani/1-5-2023

“The de-dollarization of the global oil industry is in a treacherous mission creep phase. Things like this don’t happen quickly, but determinedly and gradually, not exactly fitting into today’s media headline game that only considers instant developments. But it is happening and the tide will not be turned based on current and near and medium-term geopolitical developments.  Credit Suisse’s Zoltan Pozsar recently warned clients, in essence, that the de-dollarization of the global oil industry is in full swing–even if we can’t see the final end game from here.”

USAGOLD note: Might Kimani and others be underestimating the short-term ramifications of China’s petro-yuan ambitions? The level of involvement among oil producers already in motion is an attention-getter.

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