The precious metals sector may have started a sustainable bull cycle

Investment Research Dynamics/Dave Kranzler/12-12-2022

“From a technical analysis standpoint, an investor who likes to use charts as part of the tool-kit for investing and trading would be hard-pressed to find a more bullish chart set-up than the charts for gold, silver and the mining stocks. Certainly the technical picture for the precious metals sector is more than supported by several fundamental factors. It’s been well-documented that the banks have been reducing their net short-exposure to gold and silver futures contracts on the COMEX. This move has been mirrored by the BIS, the Central Bank of Central Banks, which has nearly eliminated its gold swap transactions (BIS gold swaps) after the swaps outstanding reached an all-time high in February.”

USAGOLD note: Kranzler delves into some of the behind-the-scenes developments lending themselves to an improved technical picture for the yellow metal.

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