‘Dr. Doom’ Nouriel Roubini says the Fed will wimp out on its inflation fight and gold is the best protection as volatility batters the economy

MarketInsider/Jennifer Sor/1-13-2023

photo of gold coin pile featuring the American Gold Eagle - one troy ounce

“‘There is so much debt in the system that an attempt to reduce inflation not only causes an economic crash, it causes also a financial crisis,’ Roubini said. ‘They will feed on each other, and faced with an economic and financial crash, the Fed and other central banks are going to have to wimp out, blink, and not raise interest rates as much.'”

USAGOLD note: Roubini recommends gold as “the best bet” to hedge what he sees as an oncoming financial disaster.  He says it has the potential to reach $3000 per ounce by 2028, and has become increasingly vocal about his gold recommendation in recent weeks.

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