Sentiment speaks: $2428 target for gold

Seeking Alpha/Avi Gilbert/1-17-2023

cartoon image of a snorting bull“As of now, the structure in gold seems to be quite bullish. And, while I would still like to see another pullback before we continue to trek much higher in 2023, I wanted to take a moment to outline my longer-term expectations for this impending rally that I expect. Back in 2011, I utilized a 100+ year structure in gold to identify the topping target for gold. And, I used the same structure to identify a bottoming target for the correction I expected, even before that correction began. So, now I am going to provide you my next target on the upside – and that is $2,428.”

USAGOLD note: Elliot Wave analyst Gilbert reprises a long history of successful gold calls to give extra credibility to his bullish $2428 target ……

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