Gold is in its worse slump since 1869 as inflation-adjusted yields turn sharply positive, says Deutsche Bank

Yahoo/Brian Evans/11-1-2022

“Deutsche Bank analysts also noted that such a losing streak hasn’t been seen in the half century that followed the US coming off the gold standard, ending the Bretton Woods currency exchange regime.”

USAGOLD note: This report made the rounds on mainstream media, but the data, in this case, could be misleading in terms of forming a lasting conclusion. The seven-month stretch of monthly losses might be the longest in duration since 1869, but it certainly is not in terms of depth – about 16.25% since March. Though gold owners might be a bit perturbed about the metal’s stubborn refusal to budge, we should keep in mind that it has held its own against most other assets traded on a global basis over the testy past seven months. In some cases, like US Treasuries (down 26.6%) and the NASDAQ (down 23.7%), it has outperformed by a wide margin. In short, Deutsche Bank’s finding is one of those that does not add up to much in the larger scheme of things.

cartoon on sticking with gold over stocks

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