Gold is a ‘decentralized asset’

US Global Investors/Frank Holmes/11-7-2022

photo–1907 high relief reverse United States“Investors have been diversifying with gold and silver for decades to limit their exposure to poorly executed monetary and fiscal policies. As I shared with you last month, investors bought more American Eagle and American Buffalo gold coins between January and September of this year than in any other such period going back to 1999. I believe this is largely a reflection of Americans’ souring opinion of the state of the economy and the imbalance they see in monetary and fiscal policies.”

USAGOLD note: US Global Investors’ Frank Holmes believes “decentralized assets” have never looked better than they do now and that gold is priced “very attractively at under $1700 an ounce.” As a decentralized asset, says Holmes, it is no one’s liability.


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