Foreign demand for U.S. Treasurys, other debt plunges to $80 billion in September

Morningstar-MarketWatch/Joy Wiltermuth/11-17-2022

image of Uncle Sam saying I need vast sums of money“Demand from foreign investors for Treasurys and other long-term U.S. bonds dropped by more than half to $80 billion in September from a month before, according to a Barclays tally of Treasury Department data. While foreign investors bought nearly $190 billion in longer U.S. fixed-income securities in August, they scaled back dramatically a month later, according to Treasury Department data.”

USAGOLD note: The problem of funding Uncle Sam’s borrowing needs is something that does not get a lot of attention outside the Treasury Department and certain quarters of the financial business. At the same time, amidst a sea of challenges facing the federal government, this might very well be its greatest. Failure to sell Treasuries through traditional means ominously raises the prospect of resorting to the printing press.

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