Elliott Management warns ‘world is on the path to hyperinflation’

Financial Times/Laurence Fletcher/11-2-2022

“The world is on the road to ‘hyperinflation’ and could be heading towards its worst financial crisis since the second world war, according to Elliott Management, one of the world’s biggest and most influential hedge funds.”

USAGOLD note: The fund blames central bank policymakers for the “looming crisis,” saying they have been dishonest about the cause of the inflation problem, which, in its view, is the result of ultra-loose monetary policy, not supply chain bottlenecks. Despite the regularity of financial shocks since the 1970s, “investors should not assume they have seen everything,” says the firm. Elliot warns that hyperinflation could lead to a “global societal collapse and civil or international strife.” Singer is a long-time advocate of gold as a hedge against the kind of uncertainties covered in his firm’s latest advisory.

line chart showing gold's performance during the nightmare German inflation of the 1920s

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