Gold coins found under kitchen floor in East Yorkshire home sell for £754,000

HullLive/Ivana Finch/10-8-2022

photgraph of 1644 Charles I gold coin“The auctioneer who sold the coins called the final sale price “absolutely extraordinary” after they were initially evaluated at a price estimate between £200,000 to £250,000. But after the story got so much attention worldwide, the coins were sold in dozens of separate lots by Spink & Son auctioneers in London, which added up to the incredible £754,000.”

USAGOLD note: This is the final chapter in the story of the gold coins found under the floorboards of house undergoing renovation in Yorkshire, UK. We first posted news of the find about three weeks ago, and thought you might appreciate the update. In explaining the widespread interest in the auction, Spink’s Gregory Edmund said the coins presented “an extraordinary opportunity to appreciate the complicated English economy in the first decades of the Bank of England and significant distrust of its new-fangled invention the ‘banknote'”. That bit of history will not be lost on those with a similar temperament in Britain now watching the pound sterling descend toward parity with the US dollar.

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