Bridgewater’s Rebecca Patterson: Fed risks credibility in inflation fight

Pensions&Investments/Jennifer Ablan/8-25-2022

graphicimage of 'are you secure' sign“Bridgewater, [Patterson] said, is bullish on inflation-linked securities and gold, to name a few investments in this environment, as well as Chinese equities, whose valuations she calls ‘attractive’ and ‘a way to get diversification in a portfolio.’ Bridgewater is ‘bearish on equities broadly, including the United States, including Europe,’ Ms. Patterson said.”

USAGOLD note: We missed this interview of Bridgewater’s chief investment strategist, Rebecca Patterson, when it first came out, so we’re playing catch up. She says that Bridgewater’s institutional investors are preparing for “a prolonged stagflationary period,” and “sustained bear markets.” Bridgewater, and its famed founder, Ray Dalio, as you probably already are staunch advocates of gold ownership and have been for a long time.

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