Markets are waking up to the notion that inflation hasn’t peaked

MarketWatch/Joseph Adinolfi/9-14-2022

composite photos of Arthur Burns, Jerome Powell and Paul Volcker

“It only took a 0.1% advance in the rate of consumer-price inflation last month to send markets into their worst tailspin in two years. But what might seem like a relatively small uptick — coupled with the fact that the headline number actually declined on an annualized basis — belies a far more significant shift in markets.”

USAGOLD note: Students of economic history will recall that during the 1970s, the Fed consistently informed the public of its commitment to taming inflation while simultaneously keeping interest rates below the inflation rate. All the while, inflation moved steadily higher. So where is the current Fed? Is Jerome Powell following in the footsteps of Paul Volcker, as he intimates, or those of Arthur Burns? At the moment, public posturing aside, Burns, in our view, looks to have the inside track.

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