Is gold cheap relative to equities?

Money Week/Dominnic Frisby/8-12-20222

“Effectively, you are measuring stocks in money that hasn’t been debased. There are many who argue that the gold price is suppressed, but let us put such thoughts to one side and accept that, even if it has, gold’s value – its purchasing power – has preserved way better than the US dollar’s, or indeed any national currency.”

USAGOLD note: Frisby takes at look at the DJIA-Gold ratio and runs through the many possibilities – bullish and bearish. …… One striking feature  in the chart below is the stability in the ratio prior to the founding of the Fed and the volatility after, hence Frisby’s comment featured above.

overlay line chaft showing the DJIA-gold ration with annotations and trend channel
Chart courtesy of GoldChartsRUs

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