Do Fed rate decisions affect the price patterns for gold? (Technical analysis)

Seeking Alpha/Chris Vermuelen/8-3-2022

Gold price, DJIA  and Fed funds
(Annotations by, Chris Vermeulen)

chart on Fed policy effects on the price of gold

“We have already experienced the early rally phase associated with the initial Fed rate increase. Now, we are in the contraction price phase where a bottom will set up – which may take many weeks or months still. We are waiting for the Fed to “flinch” and begin to decrease rates. graphic image of a book and reading glasses A Good Weekend ReadThat will start the new bullish price phase for gold and silver – and possibly send us into another parabolic price phase.”

USAGOLD note: Important analysis from Chris Vermeulen…… He makes some very logical arguments supported with data and charts like the one above.

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