Who will take responsibility for our monetary catastrophe?

The New York Sun/Editorial/6-1-2022

image showing the blur of high speed money printing press running at full tilt“The photograph at the top of this afternoon’s Drudge Report of a dazed-looking Janet Yellen certainly got our attention. As did the headline that she ‘Admits Inflation Out of Control.’… Today the Bernanke-Yellen-Powell fiat dollar won’t fetch one 1,845th of an ounce of gold. It has shed 31 percent of its value in gold specie just since the year Ms. Yellen began her chairwomanship of the Fed. She had famously missed forecasting the financial collapse of 2008. She also belittled prospects for the inflation that today she admits is out of control.”

USAGOLD note: The Sun goes where few in the media dare in this editorial.

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