Silver overdue for a spike higher

Seeking Alpha/Paul Franke/6-20-2022

image of silver bars with rising chart trend line in background

“To start the conversation, silver is traditionally a top long-term hedge against inflation and currency debasement, exactly the environment we find ourselves in 2022. Hence, silver’s drift lower since August 2020 is something of a headscratcher.”

USAGOLD note: Franke, formerly editor of the Maverick Investor newsletter and consistently ranked at the top of stock pickers throughout his 30-year career, now sees silver as on the launch pad. Silver, it has been our experience, can inexplicably dither for long periods and then just as inexplicably gain traction for no apparent reason. You wake up one morning, and it is suddenly off to the races…… “From a statistical review, the odds favor a price gain of better than 20% once every two years, and a 40% advance once every three years, all other variables being equal.:… One could argue a solid quote advance is due to begin soon,” he says.

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