This Wall Street legend has lived through every bear market since the 1950s. He says the one coming could hit the S+P 500 with a 30% loss

MarketWatch/Jonathan Burton/5-10-2022

graphic image of a seated bear gazing quietly back at the viewer“Bob Farrell, a 90-year-old retiree in Florida, is hardly a household name on Main Street. But on Wall Street, Farrell is an absolute legend. To say that Farrell has seen it all is an understatement.”

USAGOLD note:  Nice to have an experienced resource like Bob Farrell giving us the benefit of his knowledge and experience. His “Ten Investing Rules for Tough Markets” is an eye-opener – a list of market verities and insights that every stockholder should read. Farrell now believes that the fun is over – to sell the rallies rather than buy the dips. The tenth entry in his rules list is “bull markets are more fun than bear markets.”

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