Stagflation danger stalks global economy beset by war fallout

Bloomberg/Enda Curran and Yuko Takeo/5-19-2022

graphic image of 1970s reducs coming soon to an economy near you“The world economy is increasingly succumbing to the threat of stagflation reminiscent of its 1970s ordeal, a mounting headache for global finance chiefs already navigating the fallout from the war in Ukraine. “

USAGOLD note: We remember distinctly when Alan Greenspan warned of stagflation’s return about two and half years ago to a gigantic yawn on Wall Street. He revisited those concerns October last year writing presciently, “If growth expectations continue to decline and price expectations continue to rise, we may be heading into a stagflationary environment as increased supply-side costs erode consumer purchasing power and, ultimately, final demand.” That’s about as succinct a portrayal of where we now stand as you are going to find. The real question is “how bad is it going to get?” Hopefully, we’ll hear more from Mr. Greenspan on the subject now that the rest of the financial world is catching up with him.

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