By a wide margin, Americans view inflation as the top problem facing the country

Pew Research Center/Carrol Doherty and Vianney Gomex/5-13-2022

“The public views inflation as the top problem facing the United States – and no other concern comes close. Seven-in-ten Americans view inflation as a very big problem for the country, followed by the affordability of health care (55%) and violent crime (54%).”

USAGOLD note: Pew Research Center confirms with this poll the generally accepted thesis that inflation concerns will play an essential role in the upcoming Congressional elections. What is so disturbing to the American public, we would think, is how quickly it surfaced, how swiftly it advanced to near double-digit levels, and how persistent it has become.

table showing top concerns among Americans with inflation leading by a wide margin May 2022
Table courtesy of Pew Research Center

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