Crescat Capital: A plethora of new macro trends

Seeking Alpha/Crescat Capital/4-27-2022

image showing stack of gold coins and chart indicating analytical approach to the investment

“We are currently experiencing profound changes in the global economy that are likely to unleash a plethora of early-stage secular trends in a new inflationary regime. These are long-overdue structural shifts powered by decades of easy money policies and record levels of debt-to-GDP among developed economies.…(1) Governments and central banks to seek high-quality international reserves in attempt to restore the credibility of fiat currencies; gold will play a major role as a monetary asset. (2) Monetary metals and other tangible assets to regain relevance in crowded 60/40 portfolios as inflationary hedges.”

USAGOLD note:  Crescat believes that the developing inflationary environment will radically alter the way investors allocate portfolios in the years to come – moving from “crowded and overvalued assets to unloved and historically cheap alternatives.”

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