World Silver Survey 2022

The Silver Institute/April 2022

Photo stacks of silver bullion coins“Physical investment rose for the fourth consecutive year in 2021, up by 36% to a six-year high of 278.7Moz (8,668t). The US and Germany consolidated their positions as the world’s two largest markets, as economic uncertainties rising inflationary worries in particular and growing mistrust of governments continued to raise silver’s investment appeal. …By far the most impressive performance last year, in volume terms, was the 49% jump in US physical investment.”

USAGOLD note: After last year’s big 36% gain, Metals Focus, the firm that conducts this survey for the Silver Institute, is playing it safe with a forecast of a 0% gain in investment demand for 2022. “[I]t is difficult to see the market maintaining the same, almost relentless pace of demand which characterized 2021,” says MF. “Even so, the full year total will still remain historically high, signifying healthy retail interest in the silver market.”

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