Zoltan Pozsar sees a world of problems money can’t solve

Bloomberg/Joe Wiesenthal and Tracy Alloway/4-7-2022

photo of gold bar graph against $100 US note

“Out of this, I think this ‘Bretton Woods III’ that I started to kind of develop and run with, is a world where we are, again, going to go back to commodity-backed money — where gold, once again, is going to play a big role. And not just gold, but I think all forms of commodities.” – Zoltan Pozsar, Credit Suisse

graphic image of a book and reading glasses A Good Weekend ReadUSAGOLD note: Briefly, Pozsar sees a new world monetary order evolving on its own out of the war in Ukraine – what he calls Bretton Woods III. He says BlackRock’s Larry Fink is right when he says that globalization is probably over. We highly recommend the link above……

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