Basel Accord spells opportunity for gold


Rogue Economics/Nomi Prins/4-12-2022

“So Basel III gives gold – especially allocated gold – a much sounder footing in the international monetary system. It aims to keep banks from simply saying they have gold on the balance sheet. And it will avoid them having more than one owner for their gold. This means that it will incentivize banks to buy actual physical bullion.”

USAGOLD note: There has been considerable discussion on the impact of the new Basel III accords on the gold market over the past couple of years. It all takes on renewed importance, though, with inflation now part of the equation. Nomi Prins offers a solid overview of how commercial banks might perceive gold once the accords take effect in January of next year. Worth the review………at the link. She says one of the simplest ways to take advantage of what she sees as a positive outcome for the yellow metal is to own gold bullion coins like the American eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf.

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