Inflation-obsessed investors can’t get enough of commodities

Bloomberg/Alex Longley and Mark Burton/2-23-2022

“Investors are pumping more money into commodity funds than at any time in the last decade, enticed by red-hot inflation and a futures market offering big profits.”

USAGOLD note: We referenced this important article in yesterday’s Daily Market Report and repost it here for those who may have missed it. Silver can serve as a viable proxy for those who would like to participate in the potential commodities boom in a simplified way. The chart below shows that it has a history of trading in concert with the commodities complex – though not with unerring exactness. In addition to the commodities market exposure, you get the added benefit of owning what many now view as a safe haven and store of value alternative to gold. Too, you can buy and take delivery of the metal itself – something you could not do with most commodities unless you happened to own a very large warehouse. We can help you set up an allocated safe storage account enabling you to buy and sell the metal with a phone call.

Silver and the S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
overlay line chart showing silver and the SPGSCI
Chart courtesy of

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