Stagflationary shock may be next for plunging stock markets

YahooFinance/Nikos Chrysoloras, Jan-Patrick Barnert and Ishika Mookerjee/2-24-2022

“Stocks across the world tumbled on the news, with major benchmarks in both Europe and the U.S. now firmly in correction territory and the Nasdaq 100 index entering a bear market. ‘The effects of recent events can therefore rightly be described as stagflationary — rising prices with declining economic activity,’ said Thomas Boeckelmann, head of portfolio management at Euroswitch, drawing parallels with the malaise that hit equity markets in the 1970s.”

USAGOLD note: In short, the bearish recent past may have been little more than prologue – an afternoon nap before deep hibernation. During the stagflationary 1970s, gold rose 1820%; silver rose 1699% and stocks rose 11.5%.

 Gold, silver and stocks
overlay line chart showing gold, silver and stocks 1970-1979
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