Gold demand trends full year 2021

World Gold Council/Staff/1-28-2022

graphic showing strong retail coin and bullion demand in 2021

“Global holdings of gold ETFs fell by 173t in 2021 in sharp contrast to 2020’s record 874t increase. Q4 outflows of just 18t were a fraction of the much larger outflows seen in Q4 2020.  Bar and coin investment maintained its momentum, jumping 31% to an eight-year high of 1,180t. Q4 2021 demand of 318t, meanwhile, was the highest for a fourth quarter since 2016. Central banks accumulated 463t of gold in 2021, 82% higher than the 2020 total and lifting global reserves to a near 30-year high. The pace of buying slowed in the second half, with a 22% y-o-y decline in Q4.”

USAGOLD note: Though the price of gold declined 4% in 2021, demand was strong across all categories except gold ETFs.


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