Fed rate hike will cause hyperinflationary Great Depression

USAWatchdog/Greg Hunter interview of John Williams/2-8-2022

graphic representation of a bulletin board note reminder that the 1970s equal the 2020s“If the Fed foolishly raised rates as reflected in the payrolls as not being fully recovered, you are going to have a sharp downturn, a double-dip depression here.  At the same time, you are still going to have inflation.  You are going to end up with an inflationary depression or a hyperinflationary Great Depression.”

USAGOLD note: Though we see a hyperinflationary depression as an outlier, we do think runaway stagflation is a legitimate concern. Williams says you can address the possibility of a hyperinflationary depression by “personally holding gold and silver.” The same worked well as a hedge during stagflationary1970s – a lesser version of Williams’ worst-case scenario.

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