Precious metals prices poised to rise in 2022

Numismatic News/Patrick A. Heller/1-7-2022

graphic design of gold coins as part of pie to show idea of diversification“How much should someone allocate to this wealth insurance? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Factors such as age, the state of one’s current finances, and tolerance for risk affect such decisions. A number of years ago, I considered owning 3-10 percent of one’s investment portfolio or net worth in bullion-priced physical gold and silver coins and bars to be adequate for most people. Now, I have greater fears for the future of other assets, so have increased this suggested range to 10-25-33 percent of one’s investment portfolio or net worth.”

USAGOLD note: If you are visiting here today as part of your research program on gold and silver investing, this article offers the essential overview and rationale.

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